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sorry but inanimate objects can't talk, 0/10 yet again, premo

That was absolutely incredible, every single thing you've produced in this competition has just been amazing.

lets just pretend that everyone lives in hawaii, that way we get a bit more robot day

Ya did a real nice job on this, movement was pretty nice and all as usual, gotta say that I was real impressed with the gore effects and the use of the purple/white gradient was really nice! Great job vimeo

Took me a second to get, but I managed to figure out the significance of the tree. I loved the transition from the different landscapes and the animation was really enjoyable to watch. The glass shatter scene in particular was very neat. Great job as always!

dylan responds:

thanks man!

Incredibly entertaining and fun to watch from start to finish, I'm rooting for you.

You did a fine job on art and animation, but when it comes to story and humor it was way too random for me. The video jumped around from kid to kid way too fast and it just felt really badly timed, leaving little room for the viewer to enjoy the humor and let it soak in. Not only that, but it just felt like you were remaking a specific YouTube video about awkward moments at Minecon, (I'm assuming this because I saw the exact same quote from that video in this) but instead you added your own twist on the questions the kids asked. So in the end, the animation was quite good, but you should seriously put some focus into both timing and comedy. Just my opinion, hopefully this helps you out in some way!

sweetcommando responds:

oh yea, on youtube I linked it to the actual vid. I just thought it would be funny to animate something to it.

where are these kids parents!?!

Speedo responds:

they were his mom n dad aaaall along

the doctor got cancer and died

Jaltoid gets it next week

workin' on stuff

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